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Giuseppe Annunziata was born in Napoli in 1972 in a prestigious family of noble fabric dealers in Italy and from a very early age he started his journey into the fabrics world.
Breathing fashion and  learning day after day from his family's knowledge of this fantastic world, gave him the background of his brand.
The fantastic colorful fabric world made him fell  in love with fashion and printed shirts, which became his personal registered image.
In 2009 Giuseppe moved to S.Paulo to take care of other businesses in which his family invested in Brazil, the real estate , and there he was enchanted with culture and colors, lived for 6 years and then returned to Italy again.
The cosmopolitan, globalized and nomadic vision is part of his DNA, he always liked to get to know new cultures and places and decided to venture to live in Marocco for a while to research the local, indigenous culture and discover new bases of fabrics.
Later he moved to Miami , where he actually lives, and there  noticed the lack of brands focused on luxury men's colorful shirts.
Napolitan sartorial style and school, as well as the cosmopolitan life of the São Paulo metropolitan area and the unique colors and atmosphere of Miami are  the 3 factors that characterized his tastes and part of his life history, that's why the 3 locations are part of the label of the brand .
Contact : Info@giuseppeannunziata.com